GLOBAL INDUSTRIE AWARDSExcellence in innovation

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The Global Industrie Awards recognize
excellence in innovation

Discover the 2022 laureates!

The 2022 categories

Production technology
Peripheral technology
Digital transition
Environmental responsability
Exemplary partnership
Young start-up

This category rewards major technological innovations dedicated to the production line: from materials (metals, plastics, composites, components...) to various manufacturing techniques (additive manufacturing/3D printing, printed electronics, machining by material removal, forge and foundry and sheet metal work) but also production automation, robotics, measurement, control, vision, instrumentation on line, finishing solutions (surface treatments) and all fluids and solids inherent to production (ink, alloy, flow, cutting oil, part cleaning products, etc.).

This category rewards major technological innovations dedicated to the machine environment and process optimization: software and NC, measurement, control, vision, robotics, industrial electronics, automated systems, cobotic ; Palettizing systems; measurement, control, vision, instrumentation out line, operating fluids (energy, maintenance, traceability, etc.).

This category rewards solutions proposed by service providers who assist companies in their digital transformation but also successful digital transition initiatives in terms of Cybersecurity time, investment, or changes in skills.

This category rewards technical and technological innovations which help to improve companies’ CSR performance: energy efficiency, circular economy, electrification and hybridization, recycling, eco-design, corporate social and societal values, employee training, etc.

This category rewards project conducted jointly or in synergy between several companies (prime contractor/subcontractor, cross-functional project, companies with complementary know-how, large corporation/SME, national or regional innovation support organizations, laboratories) around a part, a set of parts, a service, etc.

This category rewards start-up companies less than 3 years old which have developed an innovative solution or service currently being deployed to one or more customers. This award should enable the company to receive backing in a new investor round or an application for subsidies or a loan.