GI CONFERENCESUnderstanding the current upheavals in industry… and knowing how to take advantage of them!

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All the Conferences Videos Global Industrie Paris 2022 here

The fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution, has been compounded this year by the coronavirus crisis which is shaking the industrial sector, particularly some of its historical pillars such as the car industry and aviation.

But far from being the fatal blow feared by some prophets of doom, this situation has constituted an opportunity to shuffle the deck permanently by undergoing a complete change of face.

More than 160 experts and manufacturers in 2022!

A host of high spots and specialist feedback through a vast program of:


·  MASTERCLASSES given by leading captains of industry,

·  KEYNOTES by factory directors and technical managers

·  ROUND TABLES in which 3 to 5 speakers was discuss one of the major industrial, technological or strategic issues of the day