Why visit?

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If there is one place where you need to be after the particularly critical period that the world in general and industry in particular have just gone through, it has to be Paris Nord Villepinte from the 17th to the 20th of May.

For seven big reasons!

01. Meet in a single place your partners for today... and tomorrow

It’s a fact: industry is taking off again very strongly. In a context in which the deck is being reshuffled both locally and internationally, Global Industrie will be the only place in France in 2022 where you will have the chance to meet at the same time, in a exhibition area of 100,000 m², 2,300 exhibitors, 40% of them international exhibitors from around forty countries, including your current but also future partners. An unparalleled saving in time, investment and effort!

This event gives you a unique opportunity to approach the economic recovery from a position of strength! It naturally facilitates the creation of partnerships or alliances, ties between research and industry, good relations between customers and suppliers, and the meeting of talented young people with company heads and representatives of Human Resource departments.

02.15 major sectors representing industry

Keen to constantly clarify its ever more complete offer, Global Industrie is organized around 15 major sectors covering most of the equipment and know-how you are looking for


[01] Assembly, mounting, fastening
[02] Smart : digitalisation, automation, mechatronic
[03] Electronics
[04] Additive manufacturing & 3D printing
[05] Finiting & material treatment
[06] Forge & foundry
[07] Materials & semi-finished products
[08] Measurement, control, vision, instrumentation

[MW] Measurement World
[09] Plastics, rubber, composites
[10] Regions & countries
[11] Robotics
[12] Services and factory equipment
[13] Sheet metal working, metal, metal shaping, welding
[14] Machining & material removal
[15] Green tech

03. It won’t be any time soon... but today!

1,500 machines in operation make this event the biggest factory in France. .
Through the variety and quality both of its exhibitors and of the activities it offers [lien vers la page], Global Industrie highlights and rewards the latest new developments and allows you to better anticipate transformations in industry.

In its numerous experimentation areas, you can see, touch and understand innovations, state-of-the-art industrial processes and prospects for the industry of the future.
The exhibition thus gives you a unique opportunity to carry out, in a single place, a monitoring of trends and emerging signals allowing you to better anticipate transformations in industry.

04.Prepare for and take full advantage of your exhibition using Industry 4.0 tools specially designed for you

05. Benefit all year round from highlights linked to the central themes of industry

In 2022, don’t miss the seven big events that Global Industrie is offering you to optimize your visit as much as possible …

...before the exhibition with:

...during the exhibition with:

06. The pleasure of being part of the first big post-Covid industrial gathering

Following the autumn and the last rescheduled exhibitions, Global Industrie is back in May to become once again THE spring industrial event, as it was before the crisis. A renaissance at every level!

The past few months have highlighted the need not only to bring strategic and competitive activities back to France but also to secure your supplier chain in order to be able to surf on the tidal waves which periodically appear on the economic horizon. And what could be better than Global Industrie for meeting the whole offer and every sector in a single place?

07. Because "ici… c'est Paris!"

All national and international roads lead to the capital… a guarantee of meeting all the main French or foreign service providers you need.

An exhibition is by definition a special place, simultaneously studious and festive… and Global Industrie especially so! You are familiar with the unique atmosphere at each of the events composing it, a combination of work, cheerfulness and informality. So imagine a combination of these four leading exhibitions in the City of Light!