Measurement World joins Global Industrie

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Measurement World joining Global Industrie and expands the measurement scope.

In 2021, Measurement World shared the aisles of EUREXPO LYON with Global Industrie for the first time.
This mutually beneficial initiative was welcomed positively by the participants  who were keen to perpetuate and amplify this approach.

Driven by this enthusiasm, in 2022, Measurement World becames an integral part of Global Industrie in Paris.

This broadened horizon brings together industrial users, experts, academics, manufacturers, contractors, international and institutional laboratories, and promotes French and European technological know-how, related in particular to instrumentation, metrology and analysis. Also, as a springboard to launch innovations and a monitoring tool for the sector, it offers a unique opportunity to see, touch and understand the scope of the technological solutions and contributions of measurement (control, optimisation, productivity, quality, reliability, effective use of data...) dedicated to the different industry sectors.

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