Why exhibit?

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If there is a place and a period in which you need to exhibit and to exhibit YOUR company after the particularly critical period that the world in general and industry in particular have just gone through, it has to be Paris Nord Villepinte from the 17th to the 20th of May.

For eight big reasons!

01. The chance to exhibit to people who are your competitors but also fellow professionals in one of the 15 sectors representing industry

The wealth and quality of its offer and its innovation-oriented keynote events enable Global Industrie to better anticipate and test transformations in industry by monitoring trends and the latest technologies in a single place.

02. A unique opportunity to come into contact with qualified manufacturers

It’s a fact: industry is taking off again very strongly. In a context in which the deck is being reshuffled both locally and internationally, Global Industrie will be the only place in France in 2022 where you will have the chance to meet, at the same time, nearly 40,000 visitors and so many potential prospects. Following this crisis, it is essential to show that you are more present than ever, with a genuine desire to take advantage of this recovery to carry on developing!

With Global Industrie, you will also benefit from a unique database of 250,000 qualified manufacturers and thus communicate effectively at close quarters with your core target.

03. A tremendous opportunity to reach all your prospects via a hybrid exhibition

Launched in 2021, the eight channels in the GI Channels program allowed hybridization of the event, in which it was possible to participate both physically and digitally via the live broadcasting of highlights, conferences, feedback, first-hand accounts, etc. An additional chance for you to do business, make video appointments with manufacturers unable to make the trip and promote your activity more effectively.

And this initiative was successful to say the least, as testified by 40,000 views including 21,000 connections over the whole period of the exhibition!

Given this popularity, the operation will be repeated in Paris in 2022: take advantage of it!

04.A chance to benefit all year round from the attraction of highlights linked to important themes in industry

In 2022, don’t miss the seven big events that Global Industrie is offering you to optimize your participation as much as possible…

...before the exhibition with:

...during the exhibition with:

05. The pleasure of being part of the first big post-Covid industrial gathering

Following the autumn and the last rescheduled exhibitions, Global Industrie is back in May to become once again THE spring industrial event, as it was before the crisis. A renaissance at every level!

The past few months have highlighted the need not only to bring strategic and competitive activities back to France but also to vary your customer portfolios in order to be able to surf on the tidal waves which periodically appear on the economic horizon. And what could be better than Global Industrie for meeting people in all the big user markets? Transport, energy, food, chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering...  they are all there close at hand!


06. The opportunity to exhibit your company in the ideal showcase French city

By exhibiting at Global Industrie 2022, benefit from the global influence and attractions of Paris, the capital and symbol of France all over the world, and thus promote your company both nationally and internationally!

An exhibition is by definition a special place which is simultaneously studious and festive… and Global Industrie especially so! You are familiar with the unique atmosphere at each of the events composing it, a combination of work, cheerfulness and informality. So imagine a combination of these four leading exhibitions in the City of Light!

07. A chance to benefit from the firepower of GL events

Drawing on the multifaceted expertise available in this leading French company, the Global Industrie team uses all existing media to highlight your offer to the whole industrial community: an international communication plan on six different social media platforms, a technical and general public media plan, a telephone canvassing team to qualify the exhibition’s specific database on a yearly basis, a digital tool to prepare for the exhibition

08. The opportunity to benefit from the new Industrie Online marketplace

What better than Global Industrie to present all your latest new developments to manufacturers? Both in the exhibition aisles and in its various keynote events, led by the Global Industrie Awards, innovation is in its DNA!

But if you register you can go even further!

Included in your participation as an exhibitor, access to the exceptional Industrie Online platform [lien vers la page] will allow you to present your whole catalog of products to the whole Global Industrie / SEPEM database of 400,000 contacts!